Easy DIY Air Vacuum Cleaner

2 bits of pipe, a elbow and a air gun are all you need for a basic air vac!

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  1. Emanuelcoco says:

    Yo lo sabes qui tu es una rica persona sabes tua madre es una buena persona fixe

  2. SUPERKNOWZ says:

    while your improvised air vac is clever, it was not very effective. lol Im gonna try making my own system from scratch and crap laying around my shop. hopefully i can get my head sucked off.

    I Knowz

  3. TheMrpanda54 says:

    put a giant BB tank on the suction end, and you got a HIGH SPEED GUN!

  4. vacuumboy69 says:

    cool i wana build one

  5. nder12345 says:

    thank you so much thats the first time i have ever seen anything like that i will make one perfect to suck up swarf from the lathe and mill

  6. oOoxelAoOo says:

    Aah annular rings. Nifty.
    Hrrng…negative pressure. I hate that term.

  7. Enovol says:

    Man you explain everything so easy. thanks alot 🙂

  8. slovokia says:

    Don’t give the jihadi types any ideas about head suckers – Then they’ll start making snuff videos with giant air vacuums.

  9. starionnsw says:

    he it actrally gets blown throuth wired ha may be i stop wath ing over and over

  10. starionnsw says:

    bb gun — go for it

  11. starionnsw says:

    its call an asspreator started bcak around conception off air bus 380 i was hopeing to see if youd clip on it even if already knew you play with that stuff as a kid thums up

  12. theman0dam says:

    Get pipe thats big, i want to see that big mother fucker go.

  13. OlegKostoglatov says:

    It’s interesting that you both you and Towrecker brought this up, while it certainly isn’t advised to use a shop vac to suck up gasoline the Mythbusters tried this deliberately while they were testing the myth that you could turn a vacuum cleaner into a jet engine by accident. They found out that the motor brushes were actually quite well isolated from the interior and exterior of the shop vac. Even after punching holes in the motor housing they still couldn’t get it to burn.

  14. roadwolf2 says:

    How did you know I thought that was dirty

  15. locouk says:

    Can you connect it to your pressure washer and have the same sort of thing?

  16. Metalcastr says:

    This is how old steam locomotives used to inject water into their boilers with high pressure steam.

  17. 38911bytefree says:

    Quite interesting, and pretty simple.

  18. towrecker says:

    well there has to be one , or will be one that will come into the scrap yard ! that will give you and brad something to do while enjoying a few nice cold “adult beverages ” 😉

  19. towrecker says:

    good point never really thought about that , but I say now that I will own one , I will never have to clean out another tank , you know how that always goes 😉

  20. Aussie50 says:

    lmfao that would be priceless :D. the top would go sky-high 😀

  21. towrecker says:

    oh I know , but old shop vac …some LPG …planned and safety first would = a great video though 😉

  22. Aussie50 says:

    lmao, shop vac is a definite no-no :D, the sparks from the motor brushes will make for a interesting explosion and at the very least a loss of eyebrows 😀

    make sure you have a ground strap on the metal gun housing too if you are vaccing flammables, air movement alone can make a bit of static charge, same reason you don’t use a vac to clean static sensitive electronics like PC’s and modern TV’s.

  23. towrecker says:

    should be good for sucking junk/rust out of fuel tanks , I have been tempted to take a shop vac to one before , but as you know that might make a nice flame thrower , so I refrained from it 😉

  24. towrecker says:

    amazon dot com , check it out search “wonder gun” looks very close to yours too…

  25. Aussie50 says:

    I would make sure the jets are clean, take the air fitting and trigger button out and make sure there isn’t a wad of thread tape or some other shit blocking it up.
    I’ve fixed tonns of air tools simply by removing wads of teflon tape that had come down the air line and plugged a inlet screen or valve.

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